Frequently asked questions and useful information. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to us


Deposit and payment

Two months deposit and one month in advance is required. Deposit will be refunded in full after departure provided there is no loss or damage to the property.


Minimum contract period

Minimum 6 months contract is preferred but not required. Both short term and long term stays are welcome.


Room type and pricing

All units are 40 square meters studio room with a variant type of beds. Including a king sized bed with 6 feet mattress, A single twin bed with 3.5 mattress and a double bed with a pair of 3.5 mattresses.

Monthly rental price is starting from 7,000 – 8,600 baht depends on bed type and location of the room.


Fitness and swimming pool

There is no fitness center in Yantarasri At Nimman

Residents are welcome to use a swimming pool at Yantarasri resort with a reasonable subscription price. The swimming pool is open from 8.00 am to 8.00pm


Other services

Currently we provide free bi-monthly cleaning service,  free cable television and free Wifi internet up to 3 user accounts per room. Some other services such as parking area or drinking water may incur additional charge.

We can also provide an extra cleaning and laundry service. For more information please contact us

Community Spaces with a focus on community.
Living room, Kitchen & Outdoor garden

Yantarasri At Nimman was built with a focus on community, Our second floor has everything you could ever want. We have a state of the art co-cooking Kitchen, a comfortable relaxation room, and an outdoor garden. Come be apart of the best residential community in Nimman.